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PRS Tactical Concealed Carry Training

"A very informative class! I have been shooting for over twenty years and learned a lot of new things. Will be taking more advanced classes from PRS in the future." - Brian
"The Missouri CCW Class with PRS Tactical was comprehensive and conducted in a professional manner. The instructor covered all aspects of obtaining permit, as well as firearm safety, firearm selection, proper shooting technique and various options for concealed carry.  I would recommend this class for both experienced and new shooters and plan on taking an advanced tactical course with Dave Kingsbury in the future." - Bob

Basic Concealed Carry and Personal Protection

Missouri is a right-to-carry state, meaning a permit to carry concelaed weapons must be issued to you if you meet eligibility requirements under state law. One of the requirements is completion of a firearms training course taught by a certified instructor that meets required training standards.

PRS Tactical's concealed carry training exceeds state standards. Students who complete the CCW1 Course will have knowledge and skills that exceed those of the average CCW permit applicant.

Missouri permit holders can currently carry a firearm legally in 35 states. Please verify state and local laws before traveling, as restrictions on carry locations vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Advanced Concealed Carry and Defensive Handgun

For those who choose to carry a firearm or keep one in their home for personal protection and to protect their loved ones, ongoing training is an essential part of your protection strategy. Additional training beyond the CCW1 course provides the opportunity for you to further develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset to help you prevail if you are ever forced to shoot in self-defense.

PRS Tactical is in the process of developing opportunities for advanced and specialized training. Release date is to be determined. Please email the instructor to request notification of future course offerings when they are released.